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“My experience with WPS Payroll has been super! The staff is great to work with and very competent.
Marcie, Condo Assoc. Westwood

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We understand the idea of changing payroll providers or trying one for the first time maybe down right scary. You may have many questions or just a few pivotal ones.
  • How much work will I have to do to move all of my employee information to WPS?
  • Will there be any interruption in direct deposit or payroll deductions?
  • Will my employees receive two W-2s this year?
  • Will I have to file two sets of quarterly returns?
  • Will my Social Security, SDI, & FUTA tax start back at zero?

You will be put at easy when you here the answers to these questions!

Converting to WPS will be one of the easiest moves you have ever made. We do all of the heavy lifting. This simple process is complete when your sales consultant delivers and personally reviews the first payroll to ensure your satisfaction.

Please click here for answers these questions and more.



  Making Fans
  WPS Payroll is a service provider first. We employ and train the best people to offer our clients the best business relationship possible. Our willingness to ask detailed questions from the start is what generates the outstanding feed back we get from our clients.   READ MORE
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  Our core products allow us to focus on servicing our clients and helping you turn data into valuable information to make better decisions.
  WPS Community
  We offer payroll services in all 50 states and are particularly proud to be headquartered in Los Angeles. We are members of both the LAX Costal Chamber of Commerce and the Studio City Chamber of Commerce.
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